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Graduation Ceremony

WISS Graduates

What do our alumni of Waterloo Independent Secondary School say about us?

We were fortunate to hear from five students who all had wonderful things to say about our school, we are pleased to share them with you below.


Two years ago I came to Canada. I came here to study more as directed by my parents. When I got here I was in a public school for Grade 11, I did not like it there. I made the choice to go to a private school, researching schools in the area I found Waterloo Independent Secondary School. I had one meeting with Ms. Cheng who toured me around the school and I decided to come here. I would like this time to thank all my classmates and teachers for their help. I got offers for all the universities I applied for, this includes: University of Toronto, University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier, Western, Queens, and McMaster. I have now accepted my number one offer, which was the University of Toronto. I am excited about this new journey and I thank WISS for supporting me to achieve my goals!



Writing this I am days away from graduating, it has gone so fast! I didn't have time to realise how quickly time passes at high school. Now thinking back I am fortunate to have had the experiences of being a high school student at WISS. I have found that WISS staff and students are caring, friendly, and passionate about their education, it feels like one big family. I have accepted an offer from my first choice university, the University of Toronto where I will be attending the Rotman School of Management. I hope that all my WISS brothers and sisters will be able to be successful as they embark their new challenges in their chosen field. All the best. 


I'd like to share some personal thoughts regarding being part of the WISS family. Two years ago I moved from China to Canada, it has been the happiest time of my life and I thank WISS for being an instrumental part of this.

At WISS you get a feeling like you are part of the community. You can learn to deal with things by yourself, but if you need any assistance you know you can get that support from the staff. The environment between students was also great, we spend time together after school and I have made life-long friends. I will miss the chess games, sports activities, and study sessions.

I am really thankful for the decision I made to finish my high school at WISS, I have enjoyed my life here and I am looking forward to the next challenges that await me. 




In September I came to Canada for the very first time. I was terrified initially because I was moving to a new country, I was unsure if I was going to understand the teacher, or if I was going to make any friends. Turns out everything was fine! 

However, the experience made me realise that all those worries were unnecessary. I thank my teachers and classmates who helped me at WISS. The school made every effort to see me succeed and I will be forever grateful for their support.

I think coming to Canada was one of the smartest things I've ever done. So thank you friends, thank you WISS.


It has been challenging studying in a new country but ultimately it has been rewarding. I have gained acquaintances and friends. I am forever connected to the wonderful teachers of WISS who helped me believe in myself when I didn't. I am proud to say I got into my dream school and I look forward to the experiences that await me in McMaster in Hamilton! I would like to share to others that you need to persevere and not question yourself. We will always have lots of trouble in our life but do not be tied down by these challenges. It's all about attitude and persistence. Go forth and overcome!

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